I believe that every time you spend your money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. That's why I shop with & support small climate-positive businesses as much as possible.

The love list is a collection of things I love, use and whole-heartedly recommend plus some exclusive discount codes for you! Great for you, great for small businesses & great for the planet.



  • Ekotex Yoga are based in Scotland and create yoga mats and props designed to support yoga practitioners as much as supporting the planet. Their products are organic wherever possible and their packaging is plastic free. I have the recycled foam yoga bricks, cork bricks, spelt bolster and organic cotton strap and love them. Use code MWC10 to save 10% (affiliate code)

  • I enjoy practicing mantra meditation or simply sitting and listen to my breath. Sometime's I like to listen to Headspace or Calm's guided meditations.


I love sleep! Over the years, I have learnt that I need to sleep by 10pm and get eight restful hours to function at my best.

  • Before sleeping I write in my gratitude journal (learn how to create your own gratitude practice here)

  • I listen to sleep stories on Headspace or Calm most nights to help me drift off to sleep.


I have been using natural period products for almost 2 years and it was one of the best decisions I made - not only is it better for the planet, it also saves me money. I have also been using natural pain relief for when I'm bleeding and have also found that my asana & pranayama practice has helped to naturally reduce my pains.

  • Hey Girls Period Pants - after much research, I choose to buy from Hey Girls since this amazing company give one menstrual product to a UK girl or woman in need for every one you buy. They are also vegan friendly & use organic cotton and bamboo. I love mine so much - I use them as a back up for days 1-3 and on their own for the rest of my cycle. Get yours here

  • Diva Cup - switching to a cup rather than using tampons has been revolutionary for me. There are so many options out there, it can be overwhelming. I really like my cup and it has served me well - get yours here

  • Be You Period Patches - these vegan patches use menthol and eucalyptus oil to ease pains. I find that they help to take the edge off the pain and they are effective for up to12 hours so are much more practical that a hot water bottle


I have been using natural skincare for several years and make my own products where possible that suit my skin type according to Ayurveda. My skincare routine is simple and it works for me (remember we are all different so you may need extra steps or different products!)

  • I wash my face with charcoal soap in the morning and use coconut oil in the evening and wipe off with a muslin cloth

  • I tone with home made apple cider vinegar toner

  • I moisturise with apricot kernel oil mixed with a few drops of vitamin E oil

  • I use Upcircle face scrub and body scrub once a week - they are made with repurposed coffee grounds from London cafes and they're sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free & UK-made! They have so many other amazing products which I cannot wait to try. Get yours here and save £10!

  • I use Lucy Bee coconut oil or sesame oil as moisturiser for my body 

  • I use rhassoul clay face mask once a week


  • I use a shampoo bar and a conditioner bar although I am still looking for a brand that I love (so if you know of any let me know!)

  • I do a hair mask every week which is either a yoghurt, aloe vera and olive oil mask which has made my hair thicker and break less easily or I use Hair Oil Number 1 which was kindly gifted to me from The Hair Oil Company 


  • I absolutely love to get lost in books. You can see all the book I love and recommend here. This is an affiliate link & the Bookshop also give 10% of the sale to small bookshops

  • I love to listen to calming music as I do my work and to podcasts as I drive or go when I go for a walk or run. You can find all my favourites here


  • Instagram is my favourite social media platform, although I love to share more intimately via my newsletters

  • I use Tezza to add consistency to my Instagram feed - the 'lush' filter is my current go to

  • My photos are usually captured using my Samsung S10 phone, as are the videos on my YouTube channel

  • I created my website using Wix and am super proud & happy with the results

  • I use GSuites for all my emails and housing my documents and ideas

  • For planning, I am obsessed with my Plannher (which doubles up as my journal too)