What is wellness?

The world of wellbeing can feel overwhelming with the terms wellbeing and wellness being thrown around a lot. What do these words mean to you? Perhaps take some time to journal on this question and see what comes up for you.

For me, wellbeing is about feeling good on the inside & the outside, in my mind & my body. It’s about feeling balanced & having an evenness of mind. I believe wellbeing should be accessible, sustainable and something that people feel comfortable exploring at their own pace.

People often explore wellbeing when they feel overwhelmed by aspects of their lives or by their surroundings. Wellbeing is regularly sold as a cure for all of life’s problems leading people to believe that practicing it will mean life becomes calm, peaceful and picture-perfect. I wish I could deliver this to you, but it’s simply not possible. One meditation class will not make you enlightened in the same way that one cooking class will not make you a chef. Rather, working on your wellbeing will allow you to learn more about yourself – all the aspects that make you who you are, your likes and dislikes, your boundaries, your non-negotiables and more. Regular wellbeing practices connect you with what you really want from life as you learn what truly matters to you and let go of unhealthy expectations from yourself and society. You learn to be present in the moment and comfortable sitting in your emotions free from fear or distraction. In a nutshell, when you make wellbeing part of your routine you will begin to understand who you are, remove expectations and live in the present moment which equips you to deal with life’s problems from a place of acceptance and calm.

Wellbeing needs to be something that is practiced consistently. That doesn’t mean it has to be every day, but it needs to be something that you return to in the good times and the bad. Wellness can come in many different forms and is a personal practice. In my experience, finding the right wellbeing practices that suited my lifestyles meant that it became a habit that I enjoyed, rather than a chore.

That's why I have created The Wellness Space - a monthly online membership where wellbeing is at your fingertips - wherever you are in the world, at any time of day or night - balance & flow are just a couple of clicks away. I want you to be excited about exploring the world of wellbeing and The Wellness Space makes it simple to access different wellbeing practices so you can find what works for you. It is a safe and open environment with sessions that meet everyone’s needs regardless of prior knowledge or experience. It will empower you to take care of your wellbeing (whatever that means to you) in a sustainable way. Find out more here and get in touch if you have any questions.

I look forward to welcoming you to the community should you feel the call.

With love and gratitude,

Jyoti x

(pronounced Jyoh-thee)