I've been dying to tell you...

One of my favourite journaling exercises is inspired by the wonderful poet, Rupi Kaur. It involves writing a letter and is an exercise I have used in workshops and my mindful morning sessions. The response from my clients has been overwhelming and they love it as much as I do!

The steps are simple:

  1. Choose 8-10 random words and write them in a list

  2. Take a few deep breaths, centre yourself and get ready to start free writing

  3. Choose someone to write a letter to - it could be a person who is alive, has passed away or even yourself - past, present or future

  4. Start the letter with the words 'I've been dying to tell you'

  5. Begin writing and periodically (every minute or two) take one of the random words from step 1 and include it in your letter (I like to cover these words and reveal them one at a time so I am not planning ahead!)

  6. When you are finished read over your letter - you might just be surprised at what you have written

Below, I have shared a letter that I wrote to my future self with the random words underlined. Whilst the letter doesn't make perfect sense (due to including the random words and the process of free writing), I still adore it. I find myself coming back to it to become grounded and realigned with my mission and purpose.

Dear Jyoti,

I have been dying to tell you that you are fabulous. Whatever you are doing it enough. I am sowing the seeds now and I hope you are watching the fruits grow. I hope you are able to take a step back and realise that the place you are in right now is the place you dreamt of being in once upon a time. I hope you feel happy and cosy like you're wearing our favourite jumper.

Just remember that everything happens for a reason. Whilst it may not be clear at the time, just let things be - acceptance is key. What is meant to be yours, you will attract like a magnet. Manifest it and then let it go. Let the universe work its magic. You will get what you deserve – the cream of the crop, because darling you deserve only the best. Remember what you always say – life is easy, life is good, all good things come to me.

I thank you for your moments of clarity, of focus, of wisdom, of wit, of charm, of being your whole weird and wonderful self – for being your authentic self and honouring your boundaries. Holding them up like a sign on your forehead. Respecting yourself, loving yourself, remaining true to yourself. Allowing yourself to open up, to blossom like your momma’s favourite flower, lilies – big, bright, bold and beautiful, and my darling, that is you.

Now, I promise you I will live by these words the best that I can. To improve my current self so you can watch that fruit grow, harvest it and plant more seeds. So we can give the world our gift. To help, to love, to care, to nurture, to empower, to make our corner of the world a little brighter. We are in this journey together, letting go of the things that no longer serve us and leaving them at the train station and collecting new opportunities, experiences and friends at other stations. We are on the ever-moving journey of life, and darling, if you choose to see it, it’s a bloody beautiful ride.

I hope you enjoyed this letter and resonated with some of what I have written. I would love to hear your thoughts and how you found this exercise if you have a go!

With love and gratitude,

Jyoti x

(pronounced Jyoh-thee)