Happy 2021!

Happy New Year my loves!

I hope you are well and healthy. What a year it's been. I think we can all agree we are ready for the hope, new beginnings and fresh energy 2021 brings with it.

I don't know about you, but I plan out my life as though it's a movie and I am the writer, director, actor and everything in between. I plan each situation that will come my way. Each outcome. Each moment. And in all honesty (and unsurprisingly) it hadn't been working out for me. Instead, it left me feeling upset, anxious, frustrated and lost. Then 2020 came along and suddenly, I, along with the whole world, was basking in uncertainty. The plot of my movie had dramatically changed and I was unprepared and initially, unwilling to accept it. The quote 'change what you cannot accept and accept what you cannot change' comes to mind.

I learnt many lessons in this time and if I am honest I already knew many of them but had never fully understood or appreciated them till last year. I learnt that the only thing that is certain in life is the uncertainty. I learnt that things always change and they must for growth. I learnt that I cannot control my external world, all I can control is my reaction to it. I learnt the value of my time, how I spend it and with whom I choose to spend it. I learnt that pushing myself out of my comfort zone is so necessary and I am always capable of more than I realise. I learnt who matters in my life, who I want to keep close and who I am ready to let go of. I learnt that mother nature is magical. I learnt that kindness is everything. I learnt to love more fiercely. I learnt to love spending time with myself and to take responsibility for my wellbeing - no one is going to save me. I learnt that true happiness comes from within and nothing can take that away from me. I learnt that there is a gift in every challenge even if you cannot appreciate it at the time - hindsight is a beautiful thing.

I am not a fan of the new year, new me vibe. I believe that everything we need is already inside us. We don’t need to add external layers onto ourselves. Rather, we need to peel back the layers to come home to our true selves. This is what my 2020 was all about and 2021 will be about and every year after that - I will continue on my journey home, through myself, to myself, for myself. After all, only through changing our internal environment can we then begin to change our external environment. That is when the goodness ripples out and snowballs.

So I am going to try my very best to see this new year as a blank slate, an open space, a seed that is being planted. I will be more open to change, uncertainty and the bigger plan the universe has for me. Of course, I will still be setting goals & intentions and working towards these. But this year, when things don't go in the way I had planned, I will try to let go of the movie in my mind and accept what the universe presents to me with open arms. I will co-create with the universe and meet her half way. I will ask for & work towards what I believe I want & need - this or something better. I will take it one step at a time, live in the present and appreciate each moment.

What are your reflections and learnings from 2020 - let me know here!

Sending you so much love and gratitude,

Jyoti x

(pronounced Jyoh-thee)