The moon is ancient, wise & beautiful and is around 4.5 billion years old! She controls the tides, gives us seasons as well as our 24 hour days. If she can do all of that for the Earth, then just imagine the effect she has on us. As women, we are inextricably linked to the moon with her 29ish day cycle mirroring our menstrual cycle. She has four main phases and so do we within our menstrual cycle. So each moon phase has a different effect on our emotions and energy. When I learnt this, it blew my mind - I had often wondered if my cycles were connected to the moon as I had noticed patterns in my thoughts, moods and energy levels. This led me down a rabbit hole and here I am today; connecting with and holding space for women like you as you discover the magick of mother moon.


  • Cancer New Moon
    Sat, 10 Jul
    Online Event
    Come back home to yourself and uncover the layers using pranayama, meditation and journaling.


Jyoti introduced me to moon circles first as one of the many things offered as part of The Wellness Space membership. I had never done one before and have kept up with them ever since. This is an incredibly welcoming space. Inclusive of intension setting, a variety of meditation methods and learning on the knowledge around moon circles, the sessions feel constantly engaging but more importantly they feel genuinely helpful. Having regular check ins to realign with yourself and where you want to go has been enjoyable but also helped me make actual changes in my day to day life. It doesn’t matter what your desires are for your life and yourself, Jyoti’s moon circles will help you realise them. I now find it easy to remind myself what I have learned from the moon circles when I’m going about my day to day because the classes are articulated so well. I could go on forever but the benefits to the circles are infinite and are helping me feel as good about me and my life as I truly want to. Anyone is welcome and the group setting is comforting and empowering, but also very open to allow each individual to take whatever they want from the moon circles. Absolutely recommend.

—  Harriet, 27, UK



I strongly believe that we should give back to the communities that we take knowledge, resources or labour from. My guidance and wisdom is rooted in teachings from the Vedic texts of India - Yoga, Ayurveda & the Chakra system. Therefore, I donate10% of my profits to the women's empowerment programme at Govardhan Eco-Village in Maharashtra, India.


  • Mantra Masterclass
    Wed, 21 Jul
    Online Event
    Learn all about mantra chanting including how to say mantras, their history and how to incorporate them into your life