My Wellness Company


My bespoke one-to-one mentoring sessions guiding you home to yourself using cyclical wisdom and ancient philosophies. 

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My session with Jyoti was such a nourishing and helpful experience. I really appreciate your heartfelt guidance in different holistic modalities that I am able to immediately incorporate to improve my daily life stressors/burnout as well as in helping me set and gain clarity in longer term goals for my overall wellness. I loved the deep dive session so much I immediately booked in for the mentorship. I'm so excited to continue to grow and align over the next few weeks; really looking forward to it!

—  Jane, 34, USA

My Wellness Company

(pronounced jyoh-thee)

My own journey back home to myself has been (and continues to be) beautiful, uncomfortable and transformational. Learning how to explore my inner world, peel back the layers & stand in my power is something has been a gift - one I am here to share with you.

The truth is that everything you need lives within you; sometimes you need some guidance to uncover it (and sometimes you don't). That's what I am here for. To guide & empower you as you peel back the layers. As you unlock your truth. As you release what no longer serves you. As you step into your power & own it. As you free yourself from the patriarchal constraints & structures. As you become untamed. As you come home to yourself.


I strongly believe that we should give back to the communities that we take knowledge, resources or labour from. My guidance and wisdom is rooted in teachings from the Vedic text of India - Yoga, Ayurveda & the Chakra system. Therefore, I donate10% of my profits to the women's empowerment programme at Govardhan Eco-Village in Maharashtra, India.