A journey back home to yourself. It's as simple as that.

“What is the greatest lesson a woman should learn?

That since day one she's already had everything she needs within herself. It's the world that convinced her she did not”

- Rupi Kaur


I am here to guide you back home to yourself, if you feel called.

It's as simple as that.


Everything you need already exists within you and you don't need to look outside yourself (including to me) to find it.


That may not be a conventional way to approach a sales page but it's the truth, and honesty is a core value of mine.


The way I see it - we are all walking each other home and if you feel called, I would be honoured to be a part of your journey.


The Reconnect Mentorship is a beautiful container for you to explore your inner world, peel back the layers & come home to yourself using my unique framework of mentoring combined with yoga nidra.

In each session you'll get sixty minutes of mentoring followed by thirty minutes of yoga nidra which will integrate what comes up during mentoring. The mentorship includes 6 x 90 minute sessions to be used within three months.


- the capacity to hold space

- a range of holistic wellness modalities

- a deep knowledge of yogic philosophy and how to take it off the mat


- an openness to explore what comes up

- a commitment to yourself and your journey home

- kindness and compassion for yourself

My session with Jyoti was such a nourishing and helpful experience. I really appreciate your heartfelt guidance in different holistic modalities that I am able to immediately incorporate to improve my daily life stressors/burnout as well as in helping me set and gain clarity in longer term goals for my overall wellness. I loved the deep dive session so much I immediately booked in for the mentorship. I'm so excited to continue to grow and align over the next few weeks; really looking forward to it!

—  Jane, 34, USA


Cyclical Living & Sacred Cycles

- unlock the magick and learn how to work with cycles of nature, the cycles of the moon and your menstrual cycle

​Yogic Philosophy

- embracing a yogic mindset to help bring calm, balance & flow into your life 


- learn to reconnect to yourself and trust your inner knowing 

Chakra Energy System

- delve into the chakras and how to unblock them

I also offer single sessions where we can deep dive into one of these areas

My Reconnect Deep Dive with Jyoti was really beautiful. I've never experienced anything like it. Jyoti lovingly held space for me and she really knows what she is talking about! A wealth of knowledge and first hand experience. It really feels like the session is led by a divine feminine energy between both myself and Jyoti. Not only that, but there are really helpful journalling prompts & future thoughts & ideas in integrating the information into my life after the call. The session then went into an amazing yoga nidra where Jyoti used affirmations during it that were individualised for myself on what we had discussed in my session too. To say her voice and poise was magical is an understatement. The yoga nidra was so special and deep for me. I felt like I went into a really deep meditative state, which doesn't often happen for me. Afterwards, I felt so deeply aligned and peaceful for the rest of the day. Thank you Jyoti for the opportunity to work with you 1 to 1, the benefits are still going to be integrating for a while. I honestly feel that I was held beautifully and have gems to work with moving forward.

—  Anne, 33, Greece


⋒ menstrual cycle awareness

⋒ ayurveda

⋒ yoga nidra

⋒ moon wisdom

⋒ meditation

⋒ asana (postures)

⋒ pranayama (breathwork

⋒ journaling​


  • you are ready for life to start happening for you and not to you

  • you are feeling called to connect the cyclical nature of life

  • you are ready to trust your intuition

  • you want to reconnect to yourself & uncover your magick


I found Jyoti when I struggled to find mindfulness and presence in my life in the midst of anxiety and burnout so decided to invest in myself through the mentorship. I am so grateful to have learned wellness tools and principles to apply to my personal life, family life, and my career. I feel inspired to continue to become more of who I want to be. 

—  Jane, 34, USA


(pronounced jyoh-thee)

My own journey back home to myself has been (and continues to be) beautiful, uncomfortable and transformational. Learning how to explore my inner world, peel back the layers & stand in my power is something has been a gift - one I am here to share with you.

The truth is that everything you need lives within you - sometimes you need some guidance to uncover it. That's what I am here for. To guide & empower you as you peel back the layers. As you unlock your truth. As you release what no longer serves you. As you step into your power & own it. As you free yourself from the patriarchal constraints & structures. As you become untamed. As you come home to yourself.


I strongly believe that we should give back to the communities that we take knowledge, resources or labour from. My guidance and wisdom is rooted in teachings from the Vedic text of India - Yoga, Ayurveda & the Chakra system. Therefore, I donate10% of my profits to the women's empowerment programme at Govardhan Eco-Village in Maharashtra, India.