(pronounced jyoh-thee)

Growing up I didn't know what I wanted to 'be'. I was fascinated with the human brain and human behaviour so decided to study Psychology at university and then went on to become a primary school teacher for a few years. I spent that time wishing away the working week as I longed for Friday & subsequently dreading Monday. I didn’t feel satisfied or fulfilled. I was burnt out & fed up. I knew, deep in my bones, that there had to be more to life than living for two days a week (and the school holidays). I longed for freedom & pure joy. I couldn’t accept that our purpose on this Earth was to work, work, work & not truly live. I tried to suppress these feelings & fit into the neat boxes laid out by society’s expectations but simply couldn’t. My life felt as though it was happening to me and not for me.

During this time I started exploring a range of holistic wellness modalities and studying ancient philosophies & sciences. As I delved deeper, I felt a sense of inner peace & inner knowing. And so began my deeper journey of introspection. I started to peel back the layers & come home to myself; to uncover my truth; to shine a light on my shadows; to step into my power; to become devoted to myself. It has been - and continues to be - a beautiful, transformational and uncomfortable journey.

Now, I am here to guide you on your journey home to yourself. I have learnt that everything we need already lies within. My role is to guide you on this journey as you peel back the layers to reclaim your truth & step into your whole, wild & untamed self. I do this using a range of holistic wellness modalities including yogic philosophy, Ayurveda, journaling, asana, pranayama, meditation, moon wisdom & more.

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